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Early life of Dan Brown

Dan Brown was born in a middle-class family from New Hampshire on 22nd June 1964. His father worked as a math teacher at Phillips Exeter Academy where Dan Brown graduated in 1982. His mother was self-employed as a professional musician performing sacred music. Dan Brown was enrolled in public schools until mid-secondary schooling, during which he participates in college-related life and was initiated to christian values. He sang in the choir and took part in church camps. He is the eldest of a family of three children.

Dan Brown moved on to Amherst College where he studied English and Spanish, obtaining his degree in 1986. Meanwhile, Dan Brown was dedicating himself to a career as a singer-songwriter and pianist, but was never really successful. He earned money working as a Spanish teacher at Beverly Hills Preparatory School in Los Angeles, where he met Blythe Newlon. Ms Newlon was then employed as Artistic Direct of the National Academy of Songwriters and used her network to help Dan Brown establish himself in the music industry. He released four CDs and he received praises from professionals, but his shy demeanour and school-boy mannerisms made it difficult for him to pursue a professional career. He returned to New Hampshire in 1993 to teach English, accompanied by Blythe Newlon who had become his partner.

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Publishing career of Dan Brown

Dan Brown was prompted to start a career as a writer after reading Sidney Sheldon's "Doomsday Conspiracy" during a holiday in Tahiti in 1994, convinced that he could write as well. A year later, Dan Brown and Blythe Newlon published "187 Men to Avoid: A guide for the Romantically Frustrated Woman" under the pseudonym Danielle Brown. Dan Brown became a full-time writer in 1996 before marrying Blythe Newlon in 1997: he was 33 years old and she was 45.

Dan Brown published his first thriller, "Digital Fortress" in 1998, followed by "Angels and Demons" in 2000 and "Deception point" in 2001. All three novels belonged to the genre of thriller with a historical perspective and Dan Brown credited his wife for her thorough research and creative observations. Dan Brown's tireless explorations of Humanities (History, Arts, Religion) culminated in the pulication of "The Da Vinci Code" in 2003 and was an immediate popular and critical success.

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Current occupations of Dan Brown

Since the success of the Da Vinci Code, Brown has become more involved in the promotion and presentation of his books: "The Lost symbol" (2009), Inferno (2013) and Origin (2017). All three publications are centered around the character Robert Langdon, a Harvard University professor of religious iconology and symbology who first appeared in "Angels and Demons". The press has dubbed this series of publications the Robert Langdon series.

Dan Brown admitted to being influenced and inspired by authors Fred Wrixon, Douglas Hofstadter and John Steinbeck along Shakespeare's "Much ado about nothing". Dan Brown also has a great appreciation for Robert Ludlum's "The Bourne Trilogy" and the international dimension it gave to the genre of thriller. Dan Brown spends most of his time between writing in his loft, giving occasional lectures at Universities and taking part in charity events.


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