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Why this page?

As part of my Certificate IV course in Web development, I had to create a website that would exemplify good practice for Accessibility and Findability. As I have previously made a webpage on my other passion (Classical Indian Dance Kathak), I decided to create a website about one of my favourite contemporary authors: Mr Dan Brown.

I didn't have many ideas about what to include in this page about Dan Brown. I only knew that I had to talk about why he is famous, why his books always tend to be best-sellers and why his writing style gets people hooked, pages after pages. In the end, I decided to write about his not-so glamourous musical career, the types of recognition he has received from peers and his personality type.

Please note: this is only one way of exploring what makes "Le Dan Brown" one of the most unanimously appreciated yet mysterious writers of the 21st century.


Site contents

Dan Brown overlooking a city


Dan Brown was born in a middle-class family...

Labyrinth of books


Dan Brown's books have been translated in over...

Books overlooking the Colosseum


Dan Brown has received numerous awards...

Maze with a central staircase


Dan Brown's success goes beyond books...

Treasure chest of relics and books


Dan Brown's writing style is a mix of jargon and...

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