Anaelle LTD Portfolio

A selection of Web-based technologies projects.

Welcome to my portfolio.

This webpage presents a selection of projects I have completed as part of my Website development studies at NM TAFE.


My first project. A small website about one of my hobbies. Of course, there is more design that actual coding.


My first major client project. I started to use responsive CSS and Javascript libraries.

Le Dan Brown

My second major project. Here I implemented accessibility and findability features.


My third major project. I researched and used a variety of SEO, searchability and webmaster tools.

Strawberries Inc

My first PHP-based website. I developed mastheads, templates and a secure form-to-email interface.

Jokes CMS

My first fully-functional CMS with MySQL. I worked with PDO, forms, sessions and access control to manage content in the database.

Latest Work

Georges Garden Shop

Georges Garden Shop snapshot

Working with a Front-end Framework

Programming stylesheets and developing a mobile-first website with SASS and Foundation.


Most of this work is still being reviewed and updated on a regular basis, as I pick up more knowledge and skills. This means that the Front-end development portfolio presented here doesn't necessarily reflect the breadth of projects I have completed in recent times.


Web developer with pig ears and glossy lips.


I'm a professional educator and a budding web developer. I am interested in new technological developments without being a techie and also appreciate presentations from contemporary thinkers. I like to travel as often as my time and energy permit.


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