Here you will find information about the types of Strawberries we sell.


For individuals and retailers

Albion: These strawerries are perfect for a sweet treat and work well for the hospitality industry.
Priced at $3.00/250g.

Jewel: Excellent choice for cakes and trifle desserts thansk to its smooth texture and low sugar content.
Priced at $2.80/250g.

Strawberries punnets

Cavendish: The perfect strawberry for a pick-and-eat. Visitors to our farm can enjoy these on the spot or on their way home.
Priced at $4.00/500g.

Sapphire: These strawberries are very versatiles but give the best flavours to jams and marmelades or fruit purees.
Priced at $6.50/500g.

Picking periods for strawberries

For retailers only

5kg boxes: These can be put together for a specific or a mixed variety of strawberries.
Priced: $65/box.

Strawberries boxes

10kg boxes: Please email us with your requirements for these boxes (fruit varieties, fruit sizes, delivery dates).
There are multiple discounts available.
Priced: from $110/box.

Special orders available for:

  1. Restaurants and Cafes
  2. Supermarkets
  3. Bakeries
  4. Market stalls

We continuously work on expanding our network and look forward to working with your business.