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Posted on 13th Dec 2017

"When the scientist says something is true, [...] we believe it".

I disagree with this. People might listen to what scientists say, but the bottom line is that this BARELY affects their everyday lives. The main issue we have nowadays is that Science is getting mixed up into politics (Policies) and economics (Financial markets) via the so-called "STEM" agenda.

Ever since people in power discovered that the most benign scientific research and discovery can bring big bucks (through funding or returns), some scientists have thrown away their rationality for the purpose of blind-sided activism, and a lot of businesses are tweaking discoveries for their own propaganda.

Fake facts vs Science

This only happens when scientists become obsessed with "putting themselves out there", rather than bringing the (b)right minds to them. I'll give it another 4 years and then this whole STEM talk will be over. That is, when indoctrinated people who dream themselves the next tech-magnate realise that they have been walking a path that had no other purpose but to serve the financial and political classes.