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Free to choose?

Posted on 14th Oct 2019

It's interesting to notice that Mr Friedman had a strong point in this case.

Nowadays, governments in developed countries are running around "decentralising" anything and everything as a way to give people more freedom of entreprises and lifestyles. People are staying tuned, waiting to see what is going to happen.

But the fact is politics are and will always remain pointless and useless: only those involved in Politics tend to take them seriously. It's not that everyone is fooled, it's more that no one cares.

Mythical capitalism

But my question to Mr Friedman would have been: "Since when have governments ever made any decision for people in the first place?" After all, people CHOOSE to accept or refuse certain realities. Therefore, they are also free to rebute government policies when their interests are threatened.

In fact, white collar criminals are N°1 at duping the system. So well that even when they get caught, they always find a way to escape unharmed (see GFC, bailing out of Banks and other financial institutions). 

Meaningless struggles vs systemic frauds

Capitalism is a myth: I see no point in arguing against or vehemently defending it.