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Free market

Posted on 19th Sep 2019

Free market and government interventions.

Personally, I think Government should stick to their "servant" role: using taxpayers' money to provide infrastructures for Education, Health, Administration, Security, Transport. Everything else (trade, construction, manufacturing, private services, etc.) is up to the local entrepreneurs and their local markets.

However, there will always come a point where taxpayers' money in surplus SHOULD be used to "subsidise" local businesses in response to LONG TERM objectives (i.e research, technological development, etc): this is called INVESTING for future generations. And this is better left, once again, to the visionary entrepreneurs with humanitarian concerns.

Free market and subsidies

Despite what government officials think, just because they oversee the "money" of a country, it does not give them the authority nor the right to exert control onto every aspect of a citizen's life. Needless to say that the failure of Protectionist, Welfare and Financial policies are there to remind us that developed countries need a new kind of governance that holds its people more accountable; and less free to dabble about with Public funds.