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Cultural benefits

Learning Kathak is first and foremost learning about a new culture. This is not just modern North India of Delhi and Mumbai, but the "traditional" culture of India. You won't be able to recite poems/kavittas if you don't train your tongue to learn Hindi pronunciation, you can't memorise the names of the arm movements/hastaks if you don't become familiar with Sanskrit.

Kathak is not just poetry and stories, it is also music! Rythmic patterns, melodies, pitches, instruments are radically different from Western music...and that's the beauty of it!

Physical benefits

Secondly, Kathak is a very mathematical dance: it is always fascinating to count through the cycle of beats. However, it is more important to follow the tal (rythm) and to match hand movements, arm movements, foot stomping while keeping the body straight.

Kathak can be physically exhausting because the basic posture is "unnaturally straight" and the muscles feel tense. But it is also gratifying when, weeks after weeks, this become effortless!

Emotional and spiritual benefits

Kathak makes you grow spiritually! It is amazing how easy you learn to focus, go within your own mind and "forget" the outside world. Classical Indian dance creates a dimension of its own: it forces you to connect with your deeper emotions

Kathak makes you feel more self-assured and contemplative, as it is a very introspective dance form.